Setting a benchmark in Eco-tourism, Anchorage Eco Resort was envisaged in 1992. Without taking anything away from the land, the idea of a true ‘Green Development’ took place 22 years ago. In order to minimize interruption to the fragile environment the idea of a totally self-sufficient, Solar Powered Resort, was born. That is when small family owned piece of barren land saw immense plantation drive to make it an oasis of greens. Today some trees stand as tall as 140 feet making it come alive with cacophony of birds seeking to take rest in swaying leaves of the trees.

The owners have self-imposed environmental criteria of practices that minimize environmental impact in line with “RRR” (Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle). Solar passive design & construction meant each unit stayed naturally cool inside, even on very hot days. The fully screened rooms have very large windows to capture gentle breezes, and the bed head has small fans built in for a gentle zephyr of cooling air on a balmy nights.

Each lodge styles that emerged were driven firstly by practical considerations – solar-passive design dictated much of…….READ MORE

At Anchorage Eco Lodge, we have a range of activities that satisfy every palate. A curious soul who wants to learn more about the culture of the villages in North India, or an enthusiast who would love to be part of something adventurous or an individual or kid willing to learn something more about the natural surroundings; well there is something for everyone in Anchorage Eco Lodge. 
Talaiya, our swimming pool, is a one of it’s kind pool with a beach in the middle of our resort that is situated in a village setting surrounded by the Aravalis. Meditation is an interesting way to de-stress, while Sea Stories as told by Captain Ayri will take you into another world.
Even if you want to spend the night in the Aravali range away from the resort but within the safe hands of our experts, we can arrange it for you. 
And if you prefer to propose to your love with a dinner in the wild, catered by a butler and Chef, we can arrange that too!
Individuals of all ages and interests will find things to do in our resort. SEE OUR ACTIVITIES HERE.


Single room Policy

Single rooms with sharing toilet and shower are only available in OM dome on the first floor. Also single room “Swapanil” with attached bathroom is available on the ground floor. Guest units in Astha complex are not offered as single rooms.

Om Dome

• “Swapanil” room on the ground floor : (Please contact us for pricing)
• “Gumbad” room on the first floor – (Please contact us for pricing)
• “Mehrab purabiya” room on first floor – (Please contact us for pricing)
• “Mehrab utaraa” room on first floor – (Please contact us for pricing)
• Astha Dome – Each Dome is offered at – (Please contact us for pricing)

Chaman Cottage:

At Anchorage Eco Resort, the exclusive group rate is based on a maximum of 16 people, regardless of whether they are adults or children. Should the party have additional children, the applicable children’s rate will apply per additional child.


Any time of year is a good time to visit Anchorage Eco Resort, as each season has its own advantages. Spring and summer is a time when the trees are green, lush and thick. It is also the time of year when the resort is filled with many birds seeking shelter on its trees while feeding on the fruits and quenching the thirst from the ponds. During monsoon season the aquatic dwellers happily prolific in “Pushakar”, while waiting for the arrival monsoon. With first few showers one can see frogs ecstatically croaking away. Winters have its own charm when Garama garam chai (Hot cup of Tea) is served while you are huddled around makeshift bonfires. You can find your own warm spot and sit back and forget about coffee beans and ditch the hotels, cafés, and restaurants, for our adrak waali chai (Ginger tea). A suggestion for our guests from.. READ MORE

Impressed? Curious? Or Coming back for more? We at Anchorage are glad to serve you. 
Our range of accommodations and activities will thrill you, and cater to any event you are celebrating or even if you are coming over for a weekend break. 
Fill in your details and we will call you back within 12 hours to make your arrangements and confirm the same to you….. MAKE A BOOKING


Anchorage Eco Resort immersed in nature (max 30 guests) in an utterly romantic setting is hidden in the lush greenery of 1000 trees. It is a wild nature, precious silence and complete privacy within the hectic life of two major townships of Faridabad and Gurgaon of National Capital Region Territory of Delhi.  It is merely 52 Km from Delhi international Airport.  The Resort can easily be called a resting perch on way to Agra and Mathura on the East side and Jaipur on the west side.

Eco friendly designed dwelling units have elegance for a pause of complete relaxation in an atmosphere of informal exclusivity.  It is a perfect place where you find colours, scents and feelings of nature. 

Anchorage Eco Resort is a special place, dedicated to lovers of nature in absolute privacy.  It is a place where you can enjoy the slow flow of time while listening to singing winds, and rustling tree leaves and animated songs of birds.  It is a pure experience in harmony with nature, in the essence of nurture, in respect of culture inspired by the nature.

At Anchorage Eco Resort you come for a day visit or stay at weekend……you will want to stay for the season. Whatever you do and wherever you go, you can come home to us and enjoy our down home hospitality. You will find everything you need, free Wi-Fi access, and lots of friendly, helpful service from our staff.

For further information on unforgettable experience call Anchorage Eco Resort call +91 8607720656 and you will soon find out what makes Anchorage Eco Resort different where simply the difference is… THE DIFFERENCE


Exclusivity for groups

 Each group that books with us, gets the whole resort to themselves. You do not have to share the resort with other groups.

Friendly Pricing

We do not make enormous profits. The aim is to sustain the Eco resort while ensuring people carry back great memories.

Nature at its raw best

One look around the resort tells about the efforts we have put in to plant each tree for the last 22 years. Come, enjoy the greenery.

A range of Activities

A combination of great adventure, nature & team building activities that bring out the best in you, while e you have fun..

Great for weekends

Looking for a family day out on a weekend? The resort is apt for families and groups who want to venture out for an overnighter.

An hour's drive

The distance is perhaps the best part. So close to Delhi and Gurgaon, yet so calm and serene. You will love it.


Business Meets


Family Outing






Kitty parties


School visits


Weekend Outing


Birthday Parties

birhday parties


Wall Climbing





rappelling activity

Pocket Bike Racing


Loop Walk


Commando Net




Mind Your Steps


Cat Walk

cat walk

Water Zorbing


Zip Lining

Zip lining

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt


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We had gone for a corporate day out. Amazing activities. The place is full of life and the staff is amazing. They are very hospitable and made me feel at home. I can’t wait to go back, this time with my family.

I highly recommend a day out at the Anchorage Eco Lodge. Got a taste of it, even before it opened. Can’t wait to see it in full action. The concept to create something out of nature without taking anything out of it, is amazing.