Anchorage Eco Resort owes its name to sojourn for occasional migratory birds and local birds that take shelter in its trees and drink water from the pond. Also the name comes from the founder’s marine career spanning 36 years when he treaded upon the oceans of the world.

Anchorage Eco Resort is located 40 km equidistant from hearts of Gurgaon and Faridabad on Sohna Palwal Highway.  It is accessible by road till the very gate.  Anchorage Eco Resort rewards its guests with extraordinary greenery, unforgettable eco friendly abodes. Your eyes will feast on white sandy beach by the pool side with crystal clear waters created with natural filtration system. You are transferred to live rainbow by walk-in Aviary filled with friendly and colourful birds. You are treated to perch inside the pond full of mischievous bouncing fishes and ducks.  This all comes with attentive but discreet attention, model tailored for those who choose the exclusivity of one of the most magical places.

Anchorage Eco Resort fascinates at first glance all those who visit for the first time and charms them forever and beckons them to return to its unique unspoilt beautiful dazzling environment.  At Anchorage eco-resort respecting environment and conservation of natural resources is not a simple statement of intent, but a reality to be experienced every day. 

Nestled in the greens, each abode is different from each other.  Each one is independently dedicated to those who want to live in an oasis of relaxation and exclusivity.  Each unit is uniquely composed of large rooms with en suite bathroom and living room. Each one is furnished rationally and embellished with elegant fabrics, decorations of local elements, all perfectly coordinated with the splendour of the surrounding greenery.  

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Setting a benchmark in eco-tourism, Anchorage Eco Resort was envisaged in 1992. Without taking anything away from the land, the idea of a true ‘Green Development’ took place 22 years ago. In order to minimize interruption to the fragile environment the idea of a totally self-sufficient, Solar Powered Resort, was born. That is when small family owned piece of barren land saw immense plantation drive to make it an oasis of greens. Today some trees stand as tall as 140 feet making it come alive with cacophony of birds seeking to take rest in swaying leaves of the trees.

The owners have self-imposed environmental criteria of practices that minimize environmental impact in line with “RRR” (Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle).  Solar passive design & construction meant each unit stayed naturally cool inside, even on very hot days. The fully screened rooms have very large windows to capture gentle breezes, and the bed head has small fans built in for a gentle zephyr of cooling air on a balmy nights.

Each lodge styles that emerged were driven firstly by practical considerations – solar-passive design dictated much of what we now see, including the lighter, more insular concrete, the stone floors, the large roof vents, and the very large, screened windows in the bedroom, these are all climate-control features. The finished lodges are a solar-passive success. On an unbearably hot day outside, the lounge/dining area stays a comfortable temperature, while the bedroom is cool enough for an afternoon nap, without using the air conditioning.

Anchorage Eco Resort philosophy is based on the need to conserve rapidly dwindling greens lungs for humanity and focus on the interdependence of conservation and sustainable tourism. The local community benefits through employment and socio-economic outcomes.  Economic community benefits through use of goods and services and community support. Our social responsibility is to improve local population wellbeing. Thus bottom line is Social, Culture, Environment, and Economic interdependence.

Anchorage Eco Resort defines eco-tourism as the interdependence of tourism, conservation and local community thereby ensuring the optimum tangible benefit to each of stake holders of environment. We do not disturb the integrity of the ecosystem, while creating economic opportunities that make conservation and protection of natural resources advantageous to the local people. 
At Anchorage Eco resort everything is nature based and ecologically sustainable. Local community includes all of the staff employed at Anchorage Eco Resort and the neighbouring communities where they reside. The empowerment of all staff through training and development is a key policy at Anchorage Eco Resort.  Each member of the  Anchorage Eco Resort receives ongoing training in all areas of our business, empowering them and improving their skills; and each has a thorough understanding that an individual’s performance reflects and is dependent on the performance of other members of the team.

Since ages, nature worship and the conservation ethics have been an inseparable part of Indian thoughts and traditions. Traces go back to ancient civilisations of India, when people used to nurture the philosophy of the oneness of life. The Indian tradition has always taught that, humankind is a part of nature and one should look upon all creation with the eyes of a love and respect. 

At Anchorage Eco Resort we promote nature based tourism and aim to conserve the environment while improving well-being of local people.  The resort was completed with involvement of local community. The local community is directly benefiting and gaining economically as well.  

In order to heighten the importance of heritage and natural resources and manage them in an ecologically sound manner an unusual dedication and understanding is encouraged by the management of Anchorage Eco Resort. Keeping in mind the importance of maintaining economically self sustainable eco units, as well as meet the needs of a widely differing range of guests. We at the Anchorage Eco Resort believe that we are meeting this challenge, and achieving a fine balance.

Environmental control forms an integral part of the conservation process. Anchorage Eco Resort has an extensive Habitat Management Plan in place that is continually reviewed. This encompasses concepts such as organic filtration of swimming pool.  Self-sufficient pristine water supply for operations and guest usage and with tertiary treated waste management.  We have a sustainable fire management programme and waste conservation as well as water disposal.