School Trip Benefits for Children

From decades, schools have been arranging creative and well-planned field trips for children of all age groups. For children at a tender age, school trip might just be a day out of their classrooms and away from their books, where they can freely roam around, scream, pet animals and have snacks and lunches with their friends. However, when seen from a broader view the school trip in Gurgaon becomes a brilliant way to enhance their knowledge and engage them in realistic learning. Below is a list of benefits of field trips for children:

  • Practical Learning –

Field trips provide hands-on experience to children and allow them to explore things beyond their reach in routine life. Children get a chance to touch and learn more about antique things in the museums through interactive sessions. School trip in Delhi to gardens and forests or eco resorts help children to learn about various plants and their uses. Some of the eco resorts even host a number of adventure activities to entertain the children. Whereas field trips to farms and zoos help children see animals in their natural habitat and have a better understanding of their lifestyle and eating habits.

  • Develops Curiosity –

Field trips give children the desired break from their classrooms. It gives them an opportunity to look forward and plan their field trip. They get to spend the day in a special learning environment and can discuss the same in school later. This develops a sense of curiosity in young minds, which later helps children to crave for knowledge.

  • Widens Interests –

Field trips can trigger new interests in children about things they might not have known earlier. It helps them try latest things and chase their earlier unconsidered dreams. Children get to learn about different professions, ideas and opportunities when they travel beyond their vicinity. This interest can grow and eventually become a passion for prospective careers.

  • Community Services –

Service oriented field trips help children study about helping others in the community. The volunteering work done by the children as a part of the trip benefits not only children but also the society.

  • Social Skills –

Children get to learn important social skills through field trips. Asking children to act in a polite and appropriate manner in the museum or teaching them how to show affection towards animals in the zoo and explaining the importance of sharing space on the bus with classmates are valuable secondary benefits of field trips.

  • Bridge the Gap –

Field trips provide huge opportunities to make connections that bridge the gap between theories taught in school and their applications in the real world. Going out and experiencing different concepts that come to life in front of their eyes helps students have a better understanding. It makes an unforgettable impression on their minds and they learn to apply these techniques in their own unique ways.

  • Improved Performance –

Field trips play an important role in improving overall performances of the children.They become more eager to understand and appreciate the importance of things taught in the classroom. This ultimately results in better grades in all subjects.


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