Team Building

Common Mistakes made by Team Management

The success of any organization is solely based on the time and effort put in by its employees. To get the most out of its team, an organization or its leader needs to be capable with efficient team building skills. Failure to adhere productive team results in lowered team spirit, opponent scoffing, and miserable clients.

Below is a list of common mistakes made by team management and when avoided, can result in the overall triumph of the business.

  • Lack of Communication –

We all believe that clear and transparent communication between management and team members serves as a platform for great team building. Most of the team building activities should be targeted to improve communication and strengthen the team spirit.The team managers should look for team building activities that help in bringing the team together. One way is to organize team building activities in Gurgaon to some eco resort where team can be together and engage in some adventure activities like zip lining, and other energetic and active activities.

  • Improper Task Delegation –

Delegating a task to another is like trusting them with your authority. Although it seems to be frightening, it comes with its own set of distinct benefits. Each team member has their unique abilities and skills and as the manager you need to figure them out. It is the responsibility of the team leader to decide which task should be delegated to whom in order to get the most productive results. Poor assigning of tasks leads to unspecified duties and can be a major cause of unfulfilled jobs. If you think a person has capability you can start by assigning smaller responsibilities like organizing team building activities in Delhi.

  • Efficient Team Monitoring –

A wide range of tools and software are now available in the market to help management track their employee’s daily work effectively. These software’s are loaded with easy reporting schemes and any glitch can be pointed in its initial stages where it can be easily avoided. Ensure you use comprehensive software to keep a track of the performance of the team members.

  • Inappropriate Conflict Resolution –

Conflicts are common while team building. Some members are slow at resolving conflicts while others are not aware of appropriate conflict resolution techniques. This issue can be dealt by providing right training opportunities. Many institutions in Delhi and Gurgaon offer short courses on efficient conflict resolution.

  • Failing to Define Goals –

For a great team building, you need to have clear goals. Employees struggle to be productive if they are not sure about what they’re working for. They find it difficult to prioritize their workload effectively, which results in mismanagement while completing tasks. Developing attainable and measurable goals along with the team members will help them understand their vision and how it can be utilized to achieve company’s mission.

  • Not Providing Feedback –

Employees can be molded into professional work ethics by providing proper and timely feedback. Negative feedback, when given in public might drain out all the enthusiasm from the employees while on the other hand, not providing prompt feedback to your employees’ results in depriving them of the opportunity to brighten their performance.


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