If you are looking to organize your corporate picnic or if we call it differently a company picnic or corporate outing, you may choose our resort that gives you pleasure among natural surroundings. A corporate day out in a beautiful location brings out the best in the participants.

A corporate day event has evolved into something adventurous rather than just a food event it used to be like a family picnic in the earlier years. A Corporate day event could be anything from a group of 5 to 500 – choose a number and event and let us do the rest of the arrangements for you.

If you are looking for an adventure resort or an adventure camp that combines nature with adventure activities for all ages, then Anchorage is an apt choice. Here you can choose from a range of activities that involve those that are 30 feet above ground like a high rope course, wall climbing or rappelling or zip lining or those that give you rolling fun like the Zorbing ball. Some call it an adventure camp while others prefer to call it an adventure resort, you could call Anchorage by any name, but what it delivers is true fun immersed in nature.