Anchorage Eco Resort is just a perfect getaway from usual regular run of the mill kitty parties.  It is your group’s retreat into the world of nature. Amidst lush greenery takes you as far away from the city as you want to be yet so much within the reach.

Anchorage Eco resort is a perfect place to plan your own private kitty party at our beach pool. It is a place where you all can indulge into whatever takes your fancy. We can also suggest improvising your party the way you want to take it to. We encourage you to explore the newer ways to make your kitty party more unique and more looked forward to.

We can offer you a special package for kitty party & ladies meet between 10:30 am – 4:30 pm with minimum 20 persons in a group.

Contact Anchorage Eco Resort to book your very own themed kitty party