Want to try something a little different?

What about the speed lap on our super pocket bikes over the weekend? You can bring your whole family or friends and get out on the track for some fun.  Any one above age of 12 years can enter Speed lap. You do not need special Motorsport licence or any special club membership or training but this can become one of your very thrilling hobbies.

Speed lap is a single flying lap shootout. Bikes are released from pit lane onto the track and your time starts once you cross the start/finish line and ends once you cross the start/finish line again at the completion of your first entire circuit lap.

Fancy it?  If you do you will be one of a growing number of drivers looking at Fun at Anchorage Super lap. It is fast, full of awesome super bikes and a great community. There is no chance of any contact with other bikes. if you have ever wanted to test yourself in a circuit environment, then this is the perfect place for you. But we need you to come along and play!!!

Tips on racing mini bikes

At Anchorage Eco Resort all drivers will also have the option of walking the track before the event with our experts and learn how to negotiate those tricky corners. Below are the some of the suggestions from our experts:

  •  Remember the physics of these miniature bikes are the same as larger bikes.
  • Adjust your feet so that they do not come in touch with the ground as you lean into a turn on your pocket bike.
  • When making a turn never use your rear brake. If you lock the rear brake in the middle of a turn, it can cause your bike to slide and over steer.
  • Always remember when approaching a sharp turn, you gradually lean your pocket mini bike into the turn along with your body weight.
  • Everything should happen smoothly with no abrupt moves.
  • As you hit the head of the turn, you should gently and progressively increase the throttle using highest speed to exit the turn.

Finally with some practice, you will be able to lean your pocket mini bike through a turn, dragging the inside knee on the ground. This is done to give you an idea of where your bike is relative to the ground and will provide you the fastest cornering speeds.