Just as it is an unwritten rule of a house party that everyone will end up in the kitchen, we guarantee that at our resort you will spend most of your time around “Talayia” the swimming pool just to enjoy the feel of white sands with its crystal clear water through natural filtration system is perfectly suited for swimming and relaxing.

We appreciate that these days it’s not enough to simply have a rectangular hole of water in the ground surrounded by a few palms and deck chairs. So we created a lagoon like pool with a small white sandy beach.

Our organic swimming pool works with nature to provide clean healthy water for swimming. Plants and insects in the pond condition the water without the use of chlorine or other disinfectants. So the water doesn’t sting your eyes or bleach your skin or corrode your teeth or make your swimming trunks fall apart. The water in regeneration pond which is part of our filtration system holds a vibrant and diverse ecosystem, teeming with micro organisms that constantly filter and devour any human pathogen that has the misfortune to plop in.

In truth, you will take pleasure in the calm that will overcome upon you from just being beside it while staring out at the birds in the aviary and flow of water towards the regeneration pond. This is when our “Talayia” becomes a monolith, a place where you feel comfortable to gather around.