Single room Policy

Single rooms with sharing toilet and shower are only available in OM dome on the first floor. Also single room “Swapanil” with attached bathroom is available on the ground floor. Guest units in Astha complex are not offered as single rooms.

There will be no single supplement for up to a maximum of 2 suites per booking. Thereafter, guests occupying single suites will be levied a supplement of an additional 50% of the specified daily rate.
The above rates include breakfast, pre set lunch and dinner and a house selection of soft beverages and use of Swimming pool.
Our tariff rates exclude use of Mini Bike race track, Use of Radio Controlled cars, visit to walk-in aviary, telephone calls, laundry and entrance fees and applicable government taxes.

  • Anchorage Eco Resort reserves the right to change tariffs without notice subject to implementation or variations of taxes or levies by any authority or the government.
  • Honey moon suite on Ground floor in OM Dome has a Private Bathroom.
  • The Bamboo hut has its own private toilet
  •  There is no minimum stay requirement.

Rooms for day use:

Rooms, when available, can be given for day use from 9 am to 5 pm, at 70% of the normal room charge. However, a day booking at Anchorage Eco Resort can only be done on the same day of the booking by calling us directly. Day bookings are only possible from Monday to Friday and cannot be booked in advance.

An off-season discount of 20% is offered from  15th July to 14th August (except Saturdays).

Terms And Conditions

Validity – 01 January 2015 – 31 December 2015

Group definition: 10 or more full paying guests

Excludes 20 December 2015- 06 January 2016 and other public holidays

  • 8 to 12 full paying guests: 1 guest free in shared accommodation.
  • 20 or more full paying guests: 2 guests free in shared accommodation with a maximum of two free per group.
  • A 10% deposit calculated on the total cost of the full stay as specified in the proforma invoice (“the Invoice”) is payable within 48 hours of receipt of the Reservation and Invoice.

Final numbers of group size must be confirmed 45 days prior to the date of arrival as specified in the Reservation, after which time any reduction in numbers greater than 10% of the group size will incur standard cancellation fees as stipulated below.

Anchorage Eco Resort can accommodate one family / group of four adults per unit with a maximum of 3 accompanying children per unit.


  • Deposits, cancellation fees and the 5% handling fee are calculated on the total of the invoice.
  • Deposit conditions must be strictly adhered to, failing which Anchorage Eco Resort reserves the right to cancel the booking.
  • If booking within 30 days of arrival, payment of the total cost of the full stay as specified in the Invoice is required.

Cancellation and Room Reduction Fees

100%  /  50%  /  5%

Cancellation fees are levied only if losses are incurred by Anchorage Eco Resort as a result of the cancellation. Should the accommodation be resold in full or in part, cancellation fees will be refunded in full or pro rata less a 5% handling fee. All reservation amendments or cancellations are valid only if made in writing and the onus of proving delivery to Anchorage Eco Resort of such amendments or cancellations will be on the party relying thereon.

Peak season pre-payment 20 December 2014 – 06 January 2015

Full pre-payment of all services (accommodation and relevant transfers) is to be made to Anchorage Eco resort by 30 October 2015. Any payments not received will result in an automatic release of accommodation for the high season period.

check-in at 1300 Hrs and check-out at 1100 Hrs

Delhi Weather at a glance


Summer begins in early April and continues till the end of June, with the heat peaking in May. It is characterized by extreme heat due to nearly overhead sun, low humidity, very hot winds and at times thunderstorms. The air remains dry or very dry during day.

By the latter part of April or during early May, maximum temperatures exceed 40 °C while the ambience remains very dry. Night temperatures cross the 20 °C mark towards the latter part of April. May is Delhi’s hottest month during which temperatures may reach 45 °C or higher Post mid-June, temperatures start falling slowly, while humidity shows a gradual rise. A visual characteristic of summer in Delhi is the summer bloom, particularly the blooming Bougainvillea,  Amaltas, Gulmohar,  Shireesh and Jacaranda trees, which look spectacular when fully flowering during peak summer in May.


Monsoon winds arrive in Delhi by first week of July.  During this time Delhi has high levels of humidity and high heat. Day temperatures drop below 40 °C as humidity soars.  July is the month of high heat and relatively less precipitation.  Therefore July is relatively an uncomfortable month in Delhi.

August is Delhi’s wettest month. The heat is considerably reduced and it is relatively cooler for most part of the month. There is dense cloud formation in the sky and at least a week of distinct, very heavy rainfall.  By September, the amount and frequency of precipitation drops, though humidity remains high. Towards the end of September, moisture content in the air begins to fall and monsoon ends by early October.


In Delhi Autumn arrives by early or mid October. During this season the weather has very dry ambiance with warm days and pleasant nights. During this season Maximum temperatures drops below 30 °C. by late October and there is a gradual fall in average temperature. Minimum temperature drops below 20 °C. During autumn, the wind direction begins changing from South-Westerly to North-Westerly. This season ends by early December.


Winter starts in Delhi by early December. Minimum temperatures gradually enter single digits and days are pleasant. By early January, winter peaks in Delhi, the minimum temperatures plunge to the vicinity of 0 °C,  though rarely entering the negative scale.

Delhi’s winter has very dense fog reducing visibility  making days colder, despite any sunshine and the nights very cold.   It may rain towards the end of January and is usually accompanied by hail, resulting in slight increase in minimum temperatures due to cloud cover. Due to global changes in weather this has now caused sometimes Delhi having prolonged season of chill, extending into March. Spring-like conditions can prevail during the summer month of April.  Usually by end of February or beginning March maximum temperatures again cross 20 °C and days become pleasant.


Except when there is extended chill, around the end of February Delhi’s climate starts to change from winter to summer. This transitional weather is known as spring. During this time days are warm and nights are cool. It has dry ambiance and lively natural surroundings.  It is pleasant all time and there is brilliant sunshine during the day.   Average temperatures show a slow, gradual rise thereby getting warmer. Spring ends by the latter half of March and the day temperatures exceed 30 °C by then, marking the onset of the next summer!

Express And Implied Indemnity

Anyone guest using mini bike shall expressly hold management and staff of Anchorage Eco resort harmless and indemnify each in respect of any injury, losses, damages, claims, liabilities, costs, charges or expenses whether medical or otherwise, which he/she may suffer or incur whether directly or indirectly in consequence of or in connection with use of Mini Bikes on the complex, whether or not such may arise

Children Policy

Applicable rates:

2 Years and younger: Stay free of charge with parents.

3 – 5 Years: Sharing with 1 or 2 adults pay (Please contact us for pricing).

6 – 12 Years: Sharing with 1 or 2 adults pay (Please contact us for pricing).

13 Years and over: Sharing with 1 or 2 adults will pay adult rate.

Children occupying their own room will pay the full adult rate for a maximum of 1 child (if 4 children sharing the remaining 3 will pay the applicable children’s rates).

Children Entertainment Policy:

Mini Bikes:

Children under the age of 8 years will not be allowed on Mini Bikes

A letter of indemnity has to be signed by the parent or guardian to indemnify Management and staff of Anchorage Eco Resort against any injuries to children using mini bikes.

RC Cars:

Due to high speed of RC cars that requires skills, children under of age of 12 will not be allowed to use RC unless under the guidance of Parent/Guardian.

Parents/guardians wishing the children below age of 12 to operate RC cars independently are required to deposit Rupees 2000 a security against any damages to RC cars. This is refundable security if no damage is caused to RC Cars by their children while operating alone.

Swimming Pool

Children below the age of 6 years must be accompanied by their parents / guardians in swimming pool.

RC cars / Mini Bikes must be pre-booked where possible, otherwise the cars and Bikes shall be made available to guest at the complex race track on first come first served basis.